Welcome to Pediatric Partners Online!

At Pediatric Partners our patients and their families are always our priority.
Our offices remain open with dedicated time for well and sick visits in all our locations.
We also have telemedicine appointments available with all providers.

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule your telemedicine appointment today by
calling our office at 561-741-0000.

Before scheduling your call, it is required you view our Notice of Practice Privacy HERE
In coordination with Zoom, Pediatric Partners' Telemedicine is HIPAA compliant.

Get Ready for Your Appointment

1. Download the Zoom App
"Zoom Client" for Desktops click HERE
iPhone click HERE
Android click HERE

2. Get Connected to Strong Wi-Fi
(If possible, pause other streaming occurring on the network)

3. Find a Quiet, Well-lit Room or Space
(Driving during a telemedicine appointment is not permitted)

4. Be Present for Your Telemedicine Call

5. Join a Test Call Before Your Appointment
Click HERE

6. Join the Virtual Waiting Room 5 Minutes Before Your Appointment Time
Your provider (host), will connect you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience while you wait to be connected.
Once connected with your provider, be sure to allow audio and video to complete your telemedicine appointment.


Commonly Asked Questions

Why can't I hear the provider when my call starts?